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Gandi.net will house panchen.xyz since August 22

Alibaba Cloud is currently housing my primary domain name – PanChen.xyz while I have made a decision to find a new home for it and it is called Gandi.net, a French company. And the transfer will happen on August 22.

– Why did I decide to move my domain name away from Alibaba Cloud to Gandi.net?

  1. Gandi.net provides a free domain name email service to all domains registered there. And I am enjoying this service with one of my domain name and the experience is great. And such a service is not provided by the majority of the registries (most of them charge money).
  2. The price of registering, renewing and transferring isn’t “cheap” at Gandi.net. But I renewed my PanChen.xyz for 10 years during a promotion with the total cost of around $20. So even the transferring costs $15 and only adds one year to my domain name’s registration period. It is still a great deal since I can enjoy what Gandi.net provides for its customer, particularly the free domain email, for at least 10 years once I transfer my domain to them.

3. Gandi.net is a French company and that means my personal information might be protected in a relatively better way.

– Why won’t I move PanChen.xyz until August 22?

Money matters! As I mentioned before, PanChen.xyz now has a ten-year registration period which also means that the registration period can not be extended according to the domain name’s policy (This policy, as I know, applies to many well-known TLDs, such as .com, .org, .net …). So I have to wait for August 22, when the registration period becomes 9 years so that after I pay Gandi.net the transfer fee, the registration period can be extended to 10 years again automatically.